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Fair Hours
9:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.

Gates will be officially closed at 11:00 P.M. and entry will be by permission 
of the Fair Chairman Only.


Online Livestock entries due July 15, 2024

Online Indoor entries due July 31, 2024.


Dates and times for checking in of indoor exhibits check under indoor rules.


4-H Division fair exhibitors must be bona fide members of a Queen Anne’s County 4-H Club.

1.    No late entries will be accepted, under any circumstances. No Faxed copies. Livestock                   entries must be entered online. All entries must be legible, or they will be returned for                    necessary corrections. Be sure to give complete information.
2.    Decisions of the Judges will be final in all cases.
3.    While due care will be taken with all entries, the Queen Anne’s County Fair Board will not            be responsible for loss or damage.
4.    A Night Watchman will be on duty Monday–Saturday nights.
5.    Premium List and Information may be obtained by writing to Queen Anne’s County Fair,              P.O. Box 621, Centreville, MD 21617 or check web site at
6.    Premiums will be paid on the records shown by the Judges’ sheet only and not the color or          placement of ribbon.
7.    There will be absolutely ‘No Smoking Allowed’ in or around barns or show areas at any                  time. This will be enforced!
8.    Checks for premium payment must be cashed within 60 days of issuance. No checks will be          honored after that time.
9.    Questions concerning interpretation of rules will be brought before the Fair Board for a                majority ruling.
10.  No premiums are paid for champion or group classes in any division or department.
11.   All premiums will be dependent upon the number of participants and the amount of                      money granted by the Maryland Agricultural Fair Board. Figures are estimates only.
12.  Any exhibit removed prior to the closing of fair will result in forfeiture of premiums and              possible denial of future fair participation.
13.  QAC 4-H members that are also 4-H/FFA members in other counties must designate ONE            county to exhibit in the 4-H/FFA division. Within the current year this includes all

        projects (fair, public speaking record books, etc.)  You may exhibit in the open division in            multiple counties.
14.  Classes may be split or combined at the discretion of the Livestock Committee.
15.  Rules, regulations, and schedules may be revised by the Fair Board if situations arise that            necessitate changes.
16.  Bred & Owned – the 4-H member had bona-fide ownership at the time of conception of the          project animal. Owned – the 4-H member owned the animal by the 4-H ownership                          deadline. 
Deadlines as follows: Market Steers-Jan 1, all other market animals-June 1,                    breeding stock-July 1 of the current year.
17.  Exhibitors must have continuous ownership of their animals from July 1, 2024 until the                day of the show.
18.  Animals must stay at the park all week. You must get approval from Fair Chairman or                    Veterinarian to leave premises. If caught, you will not be allowed to return the

        following year.
19.  Any stalls or pens not cleaned out will forfeit premiums. All decorations and all stalls/pens          must be cleaned and cleared out. All bedding & manure must be placed in dumpsters. If                dumpster is full, bedding & manure must be placed outside in 
area of dumpster.
20. Generators are not to be used on park grounds.
21.  No alcoholic beverages permitted on fairgrounds. NO EXCEPTIONS. Violators will be                    asked to leave grounds and will forfeit camper spot.
22.  No pets allowed on the fairgrounds! Emotional Support Animals are not permitted on                    Fairgrounds, as they are not recognized  under the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).
23.  Fair exhibit animals must be housed in designated areas unless otherwise approved by                  Fair Chairman or Board.
24.  No personal vehicles permitted to park on grounds! Violators will be towed at owner’s                  expense.
25.  No SOLICITING of any kind! If you are a paying vendor there will be no solicitation                        outside of your booth. If you are caught soliciting, you will be asked to leave and escorted            off the Fair Grounds.

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